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Therapy Sessions with Liberty

Three dimensional underwater journey bringing about a state of profound aquatic relaxation, taking you to womb like states feeling nurtured and held. As you surrender the body relaxes, the mind relaxes, and emotions calm down. A time-space distortion may be experienced bringing sensations of pleasure and deep joy.

The nurturing holding and gentle movement of BEcome WATER can bring both giver and receiver into heart coherence.

BE WATER come.png

Session Details

Water therapy sessions involve holding, stretching, both on the surface and underwater while wearing a nose clip. You don't need to know how to swim, and we will be using floats on the lower limbs to support you. The sessions will be done in our beautiful heated spa pool with underwater music to enhance the experience.

The sessions are 1 hour

location: Refive Spa, Five Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, or Sunrise beach

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