Womb Steaming, Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey

Liberty grew up in Montana and lived in San Francisco before moving to Dubai. She was raised by parents that believed in finding the natural solution to a medical issue before going to a medical doctor. Liberty had chronic UTI's and BV that were always treated with antibiotics over and over again. 


She came across vaginal steaming and Keli on a podcast and immediately reaped the benefits of this ancient practice. This inspired her to learn how to make the herbal blends and the protocols to help other women with this natural healing option. She believes that every woman's menstrual cycle imbalances can be addressed with steaming and other lifestyle changes.


Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Liberty received her Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification from Steamy Chick and is currently training to be a Peristeam Hydrotherapist to be able to help women with more complex gynecological issues.