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Guess what, the cyst was gone!

I have met Liberty and her products around 4 years ago. I had a Polycystic ovaries diagnosis since I was 15 y.o. And therefore irregular Menstruation and very mild as well. When I was 30 the cyst on my left ovary was too big and I had to undergo the laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst.

A few years later I would continue to have cysts before my period and always have to go to the gynecologist and check if they dissolve by themselves, it was always scary because I didn’t want to do surgery again. And in one of those times when I had a cyst I bought a chair from Liberty and started steaming as prescribed. Guess what, the cyst was gone, after around 9 month I had another big cyst, and all I had to do is steam before my period and it dissolved again. I’m so happy I found this remedy.

When I was 35 me and my husband started to plan for a baby, and I have been warned by the doctors that usually it’s much more difficult to get pregnant when you have a polycystic ovaries Syndrom, but again I was steaming as Liberty suggested and also she recommended this natural tea which I should drink. Guess what? 3 month later I was pregnant. I am currently experiencing healthy pregnancy with no side effects.

I’m looking forward to steam also closer to labor and see how it will affect me, which I am sure will be amazing and good for me.

Thank you so much Liberty for your product that saves lives, and helps us women so much

RK, a real-life superwoman


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