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Testimonials Of Our Womb Steaming, Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey Events

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

“Having never attended a womb steaming session before, I was moved by Liberty’s soft and gentle approach to connecting with my power. I encourage every woman to experience her natural nurture and power through this beautiful practice.

I was blown away by the sound healing. I transported to a different dimension of only vibrations - it liberated me by releasing my fears and fitting into my own skin. Highly recommended!”

F.A - A real life super woman

"This ceremony with Liberty and Lisa has given me a totally different outlook on sisterhood and how important it is.

Being in such an intimate setting allows you to open up to the group and share such wonderul feminine energy, such a blessing and recommend it to all.”

C.R- A real life super woman

“The combination of the three was just magical.

One word that kept coming into my awareness was “community” - a longing for living in a space where practices like womb steaming and sacred circles are a part of life. Lisa’s assertive sound has sealed the two ceremonies allowing to integrate what has been harvested, taking me on a journey of expansion, possibilities.”

D.J - A real life super woman

“I felt a deep connection with my femininity, with my sexuality. I felt the connection to all women... with those who came before me and with those who come after me....It felt good by simply being a woman, honoring that with all that it implies.... The sound healing was a beautiful journey within, I felt my body so alive, vibrating, pulsating with the sounds.... I felt blessed by having this experience of caring and loving for the feminine with my daughter, it deeply amplified my joy!”

R.H - A real life super woman

“Liberty and Lisa joined hands to create a unique experience of sacred cacao ceremony, womb steaming, which ends with a sound journey It was truly a journey, beyond what I could have expected.

I felt connected to my body, to myself, to my ancestors, to my womb, to me.”

L. M - A real life super woman

"It was my first Womb Experience and Cacao Ceremony…And it was magnificent.

That day and the next 2 days felt very special yet not that easy : A lot of energy release, numb yet all positive effect as if I was allowed to stop.

There was also a very “medicinal” approach to that session : A womb steam session is really impressive – thinking why not more awareness ?

Another taboo that every woman should know about it.

The Cacao ! Oh dear : I think I personally found another super food that totally suits my lifestyle : It will definitely replace my high caffeine intake and help with my rare chocolate cravings.

Once again ladies, thank you for the beautiful experience : everywoman in my circle has been / will be briefed for sure."

C.I - A real life super woman


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