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Welcome to a Sanctuary of Self-Care and Empowerment!

Start your transformative journey with

Liberty and Pranshu.


Liberty Gelderloos

Liberty is a Certified Liquid Flow Practitioner, trained through Watsu India, under the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA). Passionate about facilitating transformative experiences in water, Liberty's work aims to create a sanctuary for individuals to simply JUST Be. 


She also coaches women, advocating for menstrual cycle awareness and helping women reconnect with their wombs. As a certified womb steam practitioner and devoted plant medicine womban. Driven by a passion to empower women, Liberty has been sharing the profound benefits of womb steaming since 2019, bridging the gap between tradition and modern self-care. 


Pranshu, a renowned international therapist from Argentina brings over 35 years of body work experience to his practice. Having honed his skills at the Osho Commune International in India.  He offers therapeutic bone-setting sessions, aligning the body and addressing emotional trauma stored in the fascia. 

He has developed his own unique dynamic style of WaterFlow using his in depth knowledge of the body and intuition.


WaterFlow Combines the essence of various energetic therapies: 


  • Watsu

  • Liquid Flow

  • Water Dance

  • Aquatic massage

  • Sound healing


Extensions, stretches, flexions, dolphin-like movements and snake-like rhythms that are performed during WaterFlow sessions, create an environment to release tension of all kinds resetting the nervous system.


Every session is unique, like each individual and the experience is unpredictably beautiful!  


Benefits can range from : 

● Deep relaxation in autonomic nervous system 

● Relieves Myofasical, Joint /Muscle pain & tension 

● Restores alignment and flexibility Improving range of motion 

● Nervous System reset

● Emotional/ Energetic blockages release

● Profound effects on the Neuromuscular system 

● Sense of expansion and ecstatic joy

● Sync into bodys natural rhythms (Inner harmony for body, mind & spirit)

● Nourishes the Yin & aids restful sleep


(Aquatic body work)

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Womb steaming is a universal practice without one place of origin.

The practice involves boiling water in a pot, allowing the water to cool to a comfortable temperature, then sitting, squatting or standing over the pot so that the steam can reach the vulva, vaginal canal, and perineum. The water is infused with herbs to enhance the healing qualities of the steam. 


It is a practice that women developed all around the world thousands of years ago for postpartum care and treating gynecological concerns.

Womb Steaming can help:

  • Reduce symptoms of PMS

  • Regulate your cycle

  • Improve libido

  • Increase fertility

  • Heal postpartum

  • Maintain healthy odor, and more.

The holistic practice has been found in the following places:

South Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Romania, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Lakota Nation, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Mesopotomia, Aztec Empire and Mayan Empire

Womb Steaming 
(AKA Vaginal Steaming)

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