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Liberty Gelderloos


Liberty is a certified womb steam practitioner through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute in California and also considers herself a plant medicine womban. In 2019 she started offering her services in Dubai and passionately shares her knowledge about an ancient, cross-cultural practice of womb steaming. This beautiful self-care ritual allows women to re-connect with their wombs and helps them remember their inherent superpower changing the way women relate to their cycle and their bodies.


Liberty came across steaming on a podcast and immediately reaped the benefits of the practice. This inspired her to study the practice and share its many benefits, both physical and spiritual, with as many women as possible.


Women are cyclical beings, and she believes that steaming, cyclical living, and other lifestyle changes can address menstrual cycle imbalances. How we menstruate and honor our bodies is a choice that can benefit us as we move through our menstruating years and in turn age and move into our second spring (menopause) gracefully and beautifully.

Liberty is a dedicated Certified Liquid Flow Provider, trained through Watsu India, a prestigious institute under the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA). She has also completed courses in Watsu, Water Dance (WATA), and Ocean Body Aquatics (OBA), expanding her expertise in aquatic bodywork. Passionate about holding space and facilitating transformative experiences in water, Liberty's work is guided by an intention—to create a sanctuary where individuals can simply JUST Be.

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Watsu Watsu dubai Watsu uae Water dance Wata
Watsu Watsu dubai Watsu uae Water dance Wata
Watsu Watsu dubai Watsu uae Water dance Wata



Pranshu is a renowned International therapist from Argentina with over 35 years of experience, he offers therapeutic bonesetting sessions to align the body and clear emotional trauma stored in the facia.

He has created a unique technique that combines aspects of different healing modalities such as Bonesetting, Myofacial Release, Rolfing, Rebalancing, Cranio Sacral Balance, and Water Flow.


Pranshu seeks to optimize the patient's function by correcting the electrochemical information flowing through the nervous system. These therapeutic sessions help dissolve chronic contracture, bringing structural integration, and freeing the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds the entire body.

Pain and emotions are associated with soft tissue, and when manipulated, repressed painful memories are released, bringing emotional and mental balance.


Pranshu worked in the Osho Commune International, Pythagoras Medical Center for more than 14 years. During the last 21 years, he offers his therapy in India, Russia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, and more.

He treats neck misalignment, cervical postural correction, migraines, insomnia, frozen shoulders, lower back pain, sciatic pain, and more.

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