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WaterFlow Therapy Sessions with Liberty or Pranshu


We invite you to experience WaterFlow ~ Aquatic Bodywork, as Liberty or Pranshu take you on a three-dimensional underwater journey, where time and space lose their meaning (instant meditation).


WaterFlow Combines the essence of various energetic therapies: 


  • Watsu

  • Liquid Flow

  • Water Dance

  • Aquatic massage

  • Sound healing


Extensions, stretches, flexions, dolphin-like movements and snake-like rhythms that are performed during WaterFlow sessions, create an environment to release tension of all kinds resetting the nervous system.


Every session is unique, like each individual and the experience is unpredictably beautiful! 

As the water melts away your perception of shape, time and space, we glide through above and below the surface tracing wave like patterns & resting in flow of movement. 

Our 90 min sessions unfold in a heated pool located in Nasab's pool near Al Barari, 


For those seeking the ocean's embrace, our exclusive ocean sessions are available in select months, providing a unique connection with nature's elements.

Liberty's approach brings a feminine touch to the experience, enhancing the journey's nurturing and transformative essence.

Her intuitive guidance and deep connection with the feminine energy create an atmosphere of gentle empowerment, allowing you to explore the depths of your own well-being with grace and self-discovery. 


Pranshu's expertise adds a dynamic and stretching-focused dimension to the experience, making it uniquely transformative.

His extensive knowledge of therapeutic techniques, including Bonesetting, Myofascial Release, and Rolfing, brings a holistic approach to the session. With over 35 years of experience, Pranshu's guidance takes you on a journey that not only nurtures and calms but also focuses on releasing tension and promoting flexibility. 


Please note, while we strive to provide the most enchanting experience, ocean sessions are weather-dependent, limited to specific months, typically May/June and Oct/Nov. For the rest of the year, our pool sessions offer a consistent oasis of relaxation.

In our commitment to your well-being, please be aware that ocean sessions may be rescheduled last minute if conditions are too choppy, ensuring your safety and optimal enjoyment. Our location at Nasab, or Sunrise Beach sets the stage for this transformative journey.

Benefits can range from : 

● Deep relaxation in autonomic nervous system 

● Relieves Myofasical, Joint /Muscle pain & tension 

● Restores alignment and flexibility Improving range of motion 

● Nervous System reset

● Emotional/ Energetic blockages release

● Profound effects on the Neuromuscular system 

● Sense of expansion and ecstatic joy

● Sync into bodys natural rhythms (Inner harmony for body, mind & spirit)

● Nourishes the Yin & aids restful sleep


Duration: 1.30 (pre talk, WaterFlow, integration)



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