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The use of a yoni egg for toning and for tapping into one’s sexual power is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back over 5000 years. 


Women used jade eggs to tap into their sexual power long into old age. Using a yoni egg has many benefits. From a purely practical perspective, it helps us to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, which allows for more sensitivity and healthier tissue. More deeply, though, it helps us to harness sexual energy and to transform it into creative energy - literally channeling the energy we would use to procreate into any avenue we choose



  • A more conscious relationship with the vagina. 
  • Increased vaginal sensitivity and control of the sexual organs. 
  • Softening of areas of tightness where trauma had been held. 
  • Enhanced passion, libido and orgasmic potential. 
  • Boosted creative energy. 
  • Reduced PMS symptoms. 
  • Recovery after childbirth. 
  • Increased fertility. 
  • Better management of menopause due to hormone balancing and increased vaginal lubrication


Intention Setting:


Just as it is necessary to energetically cleanse our crystals (see info section), it is important to charge them and infuse them with our intentions. 


Components: Nephrite Jade + food grade gold leaf (removable)


 Nephrite Jade is an ideal material for a yoni egg. It’s hard, durable, and adapts quickly to the body’s temperature. Jade has been prized for centuries for its energetic cleansing properties and for its ability to encourage harmony, health, and abundance.

Golden Lotus Jade Yoni Egg

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