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Steam herb blends for U & U'r Uterus


  • U-renew herb blend is the strongest herbal blend with properties to clear stagnation out of the uterus and improve blood circulation to the reproductive area. 

  • The best choice for old residue, postpartum and general use.

  • If your Menstrual cycle is 28 days or more, select this blend.

  • Not suitable for women with short menstrual cycles.


The package includes herbs for 10 steaming sessions.


The basic recommendation is to steam weekly, or once before and after the period.


Booking a consultation is advised to ensure you have selected the correct herbs and custom steam plan.


Make your booking online or contact Liberty for your consultation today +971 50 565 2971


❌ Never steam while on your period
❌ Never steam while pregnant (unless 37 weeks plus)
❌ Never steam with a burning itch
❌ Please note that steaming can affect the cycle length, if you are using FAM or any other natural contraception method be extra careful with your fertile days, if you want to avoid pregnancy, DO NOT use apps that predict ovulation.

U-Renew herb blend

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