Womb Steam Experience - In Person

10-15 minute womb steam with a guided womb meditation.

  • 30 minutes
  • ١٧٥ درهم إماراتي
  • دبي

Service Description

Includes: 10-15 Minute steam experience with a guided womb meditation, please wear a long loose skirt or dress. This is ideal if you would like to try steaming before purchasing your own in-home steam kit. Also perfect for women who prefer to have their regular steam prepared for them. (please see package deal to book 4 steams at a discounted rate) The total time is 30 minutes. Please note the following before booking: ❌ Never steam while on your period ❌ Never steam while pregnant (unless 37 weeks plus) ❌ Never steam with a burning itch ❌ Please note that steaming can affect the cycle length, if you are using FAM or any other natural contraception method be extra careful with your fertile days, if you want to avoid pregnancy, DO NOT use apps that predict ovulation.

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