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For anyone trying to conceive and hoping to improve fertility, womb steaming works wonders!

I sought Liberty’s guidance 2 years ago when I wanted to try steaming out for detox purposes and as a cleanse. I have always dealt with hormonal imbalances, acne, and fatigue, and I had heard that womb steaming could help address some of those concerns. I started steaming in October of 2020 regularly after consulting with her, using the U-renew blend.

Though it was not my original intention to conceive, you won’t believe it, but 2 months later I was pregnant! My partner and I had used the Natural Family Planning method as our birth control for the past 5 years, and we had been successful in preventing pregnancy. So, this sudden pregnancy to me meant that my fertility has increased dramatically, just from 2 months of steaming! Though I was surprised and nervous at the time, we are now thrilled to be parents to a 7 month-old little girl, Eloise Skye. For anyone trying to conceive and hoping to improve fertility, steaming works wonders!

The ritual itself also has so many restorative qualities – I always felt calm, relaxed, and grounded in my spirit and body after steaming.

During the last trimester of my pregnancy, I re-connected with Liberty for her guidance in steaming to prepare for birth. She went above and beyond and was so generous and present with her time and advice. I started steaming at 37 weeks, once a day. The steaming ritual provided a moment at the end of the busy day to connect with myself, visualize a healthy labor and childbirth, and recite a prayer for my baby, surrounded by soothing music and candles. Liberty provided such detailed information on the kinds of herbs to use, how long and how often to steam, etc. I hardly ever had follow-up questions since she so thoroughly explained everything I needed to know.

My goal was to have my baby at home; unfortunately, I experienced some unforeseen complications and needed to transfer to the hospital, but while I labored at home, I did use the steaming to relieve contraction pain and re-collect my energy. It was very effective in providing temporary pain relief, and it always resulted in better cervix dilation.

Lastly, I used steaming as a tool for healing post-partum. Liberty again was so detail-oriented in the instructions she provided for postpartum steaming. I couldn’t have asked for a better steaming consultant to help me in my journey to better health, and ultimately, in my journey to conception, childbirth, and postpartum healing. I would 100% recommend Liberty to support you in your steaming journey! Here’s to taking charge of your own reproductive health, and using a beautifully ancient and natural tool to do so. Happy Steaming😊

Sonia M., a real-life superwoman


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