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Without a doubt, this ancestral practice has changed my life and the way I relate to my womb.

I want to thank you deeply for introducing me to the world of womb steaming, without a doubt this ancestral practice has changed my life and the way I relate to my womb. The herbal blends are fantastic and very loving to my body, they have helped me a lot to reduce the pain during my bleeding days. Additionally, I have been able to keep a journal while steaming which has helped me a lot to release some thoughts and feelings and see things more clearly.

Likewise, I had the opportunity to have a womb cleansing and healing with a Kamentsa indigenous midwife here in Colombia. During the session, she gave me an energetic massage, a yoni steam session and a natural purge, and let me tell you that the healing benefits of this session were wonderful. Many of my childhood traumas surfaced, dormant memories awoke, and thanks to the healing power of plants, I became aware of the root cause of many patterns and behaviors. I began to heal my inner child and the relationship with the masculine energy. It was a very powerful healing session.

I greatly appreciate the work you do to help other women in their healing journeys so we can better understand how our cycles work, heal the wounds and have a closer and more loving relationship with our WOMBS.

For all women in UAE, I highly recommend contacting Liberty. Her experience, healing energy and knowledge about womb steaming can help you to reclaim your feminine energy and live your feminine cycles with greater tranquility.

With all my heart, I hope we can meet here in our Sacred Womb Healing retreat, so your knowledge and energy are shared with other women in the sacred territory of the Kamensta indigenous community.

With love and gratitude, María, a real-life superwoman

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