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I had zero tearing, I just required 2 small stitches on the outside...Thank you herbs!!!⠀

"Liberty provided me with 3 different stages of herbs, a beautiful wooden steaming chair and a kettle. She talked me through the process and also provided me with lots of other info/suggestions on healthy eating & natural ways to induce labour, as well as unlimited support

On Liberty’s recommendation, I started steaming at 37 weeks every day for 1-3 times using the Chill-Out herbs. My initial feeling was I just loved how relaxing it was and how refreshing it felt! I also used this steaming time to listen to my LOVE BIRTHING Jasmine Collin’s Hypnobirthing tracks and this combo worked so well.⠀

Around 10 days before my due date Liberty advised me to switch to the Renew herbs for 10 mins a day which I did every morning & eve before bed. My baby girl arrived promptly on her due date 17.7.2020. My first surge was around 2 am and Mavia was born at 8.24 am that same morning after 20 mins of pushing. I had zero tearing, I just required 2 small stitches on the outside...Thank you herbs!!!⠀

Postpartum Liberty advised me to only start steaming once I’d stop filling an overnight pad every 2 hours. At my 1 week postpartum checkup I was already only lightly bleeding and my doctor said I was healing extremely well. I then started steaming again on the 29th of July using Renew for 30 mins once a day. With a newborn baby, I didn’t quite manage to do this every day, but my bleeding completely stopped just before 4 weeks postpartum which I was so happy with!⠀

I’ll now be using Empower once per month for 30 mins to continue this new habit as I really do love it and believe that steaming 100% contributed to my smooth labour, delivery and postpartum recovery.⠀

Steaming also really helps with anyone who suffers with irregular or painful periods, so if you want to learn more about this ancient but relatively undiscussed practice, contact the amazing Liberty. ♨️"

Peta A, a real-life superwoman


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