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Oh My Goodness....I Cannot Believe It! This Is The SHORTEST Cycle I’ve Had Without Being On The Pill

I have had missing periods for the longest time.

"Oh my goodness....I cannot believe it! This is the SHORTEST cycle I’ve had without being on the pill. Steaming really DOES work!!!


I’m so EXCITED! I’ve struggled with irregular periods for sooooo long, probably since my very first period.

I have had missing periods for the longest time. Usually, my cycles would last 3-6 months. My last cycle was a little better - it was just over two months 68 days to be exact. I’ve been steaming with Liberty’s protocol and herbs since the end of my last period, and I just got my period cycle was 31 days!!!


I’ve been steaming for a month now and I am completely hooked. I feel fresh and clean and I definitely feel a difference in the health of my vagina.”

Womb Steaming Testimony - Jaclyn B, a real-life superwoman

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