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Womb Steaming Helped My Period Return, and Cleared My Acne⠀

I had been suffering with adult acne for over 6 months, since coming off the pill and being diagnosed with PCOS my hormones were all over the place, my mental and physical health were the weakest they have ever been, I wanted to tackle it all naturally but didn't know where to start.

When in lock down and doing lots of research, I stumbled across a video Liberty posted with an introduction to steaming.

To be honest at first the thought of it sounded weird, but I was at a last resort after trying everything to get my periods back to normal and my acne clear, that I thought what's the harm in trying.

One week into steaming, my period arrived and my skin started clearing. My cycles started heading to a normal length and my skin has cleared up completely - no more cysts!

I've never been happier, steaming will definitely be something I incorporate into my monthly routine forever!!

Katie B, a real-life superwoman


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